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Feb 25, 2021


Well-Being of Artists in Exile – Challenges and Resources

  14:00-15:30 (UTC+1)
  Zeynep Güzel, Maik Müller, Verena Harpe

Maik Müller and Verena Harpe from the Martin Roth-Initiative and filmmaker Zeynep Güzel will host a workshop for artists living in exile focussing on strategies for maintaining a sense of personal well-being. [Workshop in English]

Life in exile comes with enormous challenges for artists: arriving at a new place, coping with the repression experienced in the home country, loneliness, finding a new audience. The focus of many exile stays is primarily on artistic creation. But it is also essential to keep an eye on one’s own well-being, especially in order to be able to continue working creatively in the long term. In recent years, the Martin Roth-Initiative, together with others, has gathered experiences of exiled artists and recommendations on this topic. Why is well-being so important when living in exile? What are helpful resources? The workshop wants to offer space for exchange and present helpful tools.


With respect to privacy and data protection, our workshops were not recorded.


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