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Feb 26, 2021


L’Union des Refusés

  10:00-12:00 (UTC+1)
  Alina Kolar, María Inés Plaza Lazo

Arts of the Working Class (Alina Kolar, María Inés Plaza Lazo, Pauł Sochacki) explores the arts sector as a working environment. Workshop participants will explore how competition and individual struggle can become guiding principles of art and discourse production to fuse into solidarity and new forms of togetherness. Thanks to the structural layer of the „Union des Refusés“, everyone can delve into the radical models developed in the Greek solidarity clinics during a decade of crisis, and directly engaging with discussions around mutual aid to develop the skills and relationships we desperately need for the anti-capitalist struggles of the present, and the post-capitalist society of the future. [Workshop in English]

The desire for a trade union for art workers can be traced back to earlier ideas about collectivity and a public dimension in the arts, in line with a Marxist conception of society. When the „salons des refusés“ in France and the art associations in Germany emerged in the 19th century, they paved the way for the interest groups of international modernity in the 20th century. Arts of the Working Class draws on these experiences of community to set up a trade union for the provision of mutual help and support, developed in collaboration with international artists and thinkers, experts and amateurs.

María Inés Plaza Lazo (publisher, editor and founder of Arts of the Working Class)
Alina Kolar (publisher, editor and founder of Arts of the Working Class)


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