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Feb 25, 2021


Rethinking: The Importance of Image Creation in Political Movements – A lawyer in discussion with an artist

  14:00-15:30 (UTC+1)
  Khaled Barakeh, Mariana Karkoutly

In this workshop, Mariana Karkoutly and Khaled Barakeh will discuss the importance and necessity of image creation within political movements and their global messages. Giving the Syrian context as an example, the speakers will discuss the usage of images for documenting; archiving; as evidence in court; in political lobbying for the Syrian cause; and in commemorating their revolution. They will further tackle questions of image representation; victims and survivors vs. ethicality while creating and presenting images. The workshop will take the format of an interactive conversation with the attendees. [Workshop in English and German without translation]

Mariana Karkoutly (human rights activist, legal consultant at Center for Justice and Accountability, chairwoman of Gemeinsamer Horizont e. V.)
Khaled Barakeh (artist and cultural activist, founder and chairman of coculture e. V.)


With respect to privacy and data protection, our workshops were not recorded.


[Image Credits, from left: Mariana Karkoutly/© unknown – Khaled Barakeh/© Thomas Lohnes]

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