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Feb 26, 2021

Erosion of the Rule of Law – Authoritarianism and Shrinking Spaces

  16:00-17:30 (UTC+1)
  Dariush Beigui, Katja Gloger, Yiota Massouridou, Veysel Ok, Wolfgang Kaleck

What impact do closed-door policies and deterrent practices at Europe’s external borders have for those in search of protection and freedom? What significance do the increasing attacks on press freedom in Europe, such as the Assange case or the assassinations in Slovakia or Malta, have? How do authoritarian tendencies inside and outside of Europe affect the rule of law, and what can be done to counteract them?

A panel featuring Veysel Ok (lawyer for Deniz Yücel), Katja Gloger (from Reporters Without Borders), Yiota Massouridou (lawyer) and Dariush Beigui (sea rescuer, captain of the Iuventa crew) will discuss the possibilities of practical solidarity in light of shrinking spaces and increasing lawlessness and repression. The event is organised by the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) and will be moderated by Wolfgang Kaleck. [Event in English]

How to watch:
A recording of this event is available on our YouTube channel.


[Image Credits, clockwise from left: Yiota Massouridou/© unknown – Dariush Beigui/© Paul Lovis Wagner – Wolfgang Kaleck/© Nihad Nino Pušija – Katja Gloger/© Hans-Jürgen Burkard – Veysel Ok/© Picture Alliance, L. Pitarakis]


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