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Feb 26, 2021


Details That Deserve None Of Your Attention

  14:00-15:30 (UTC+1)
  Farah Barqawi

In the third and last part of the workshop series on “Labelling artists in exile” author and cultural curator Farah Barqawi hosts a writing session in which she supports writers and artists in processing their thoughts and experiences. Her creative writing session will look at daily details in the lives of exiled artists that often go unnoticed or are forgotten. The short-paced writing process itself will give birth to ideas for artists from different places and genres that can allow them to pave a way for re-writing the future. The products of the session can be further worked on afterwards and perhaps be published at a later point. [Workshop in English]

This is the last workshop in a series of three organised by the non-profit organisation Wir Machen Das. The other workshops are called “Between Autonomy and Labelling of Artists in Exile” and “Exhibition Review: New Spaces / New Perspectives”.

Due to limited space, this edition of the workshop is designed only for artists who live in exile in Germany / Europe or those who have recently relocated there.


With respect to privacy and data protection, our workshops were not recorded.


[Image Credits: Farah Barqawi/© Frank Kleinbach]



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