Boom Boom Tales / Associação da Estrela Negra
Boom Boom Tales / Associação da Estrela Negra
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Feb 26, 2021


From Pagani to Moria III – Video-/activism against the border regime on Lesvos

  14:00-15:30 (UTC+1)

We retrace the history of the EU’s violent border regime on Lesvos through the lens of video-/activism. As long as there have been arrivals and camps on Lesvos, there have been struggles. Struggles of migrants, locals, and activists for freedom of movement, for a dignified existence, and for real solidarity on and off the screen. Looking forward, these struggles have foretold the answer to the next hellish camp already being schemed at the fringes of Fortress Europe. [Workshop in English]

More information about the work of boom boom tales can be found here: futuringmigration.org


With respect to privacy and data protection, our workshops were not recorded.


[Image Credits: © unkown]

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